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Cessnarox Liveries has been creating high quality liveries for X-Plane aircraft since 2015. Since then over 200 liveries have been released! Cessnarox aims to paint liveries to a high level of accuracy, and a high resolution. A big supporter of the freeware community in x-plane, Cessnarox has always released liveries for free, and will continue to do so. 


Liveries available for:

  • Dden Challenger 300

  • FlightFactor A320

  • FlightFactor 757-200v2

  • FlightFactor 767

  • FlyJSim 727

  • Hotstart tbm 900

  • IXEG 737-300

  • JAR A330

  • Jrollon CRJ-200

  • LES DC-3

  • LES Saab 340

  • SSG B747-8i / F

  • RWDesigns Hawker 4000

  • RWDesigns Twin Otter

  • XP11 Default 172

  • XP11 Default 737-800



Featured aircraft:

Hotstart tbm 900

The single most immersive general aviation plane ever released, the HotStart TBM 900 is a simulation that is unrivaled in its precision, visuals and sounds. The default liveries for this plane were done by cessnarox, but since not all can be included, additional ones are available here to download!


xp11 default 737-800

A stunningly beautiful default aircraft brought to us with X-Plane 11. This aircraft is being constantly improved by members of the X-Plane community. One part of improving this aircraft is giving it a wide selection of high quality liveries.


Flightfactor a320

One of the highest fidelity aircraft ever released for any simulator, ever. The FlightFactor A320 provides one of the deepest Airbus simulations anyone can get at home. Now you can also get the best liveries for it.


High quality. Always.